The World's First 'Drink Less Alcohol Program' Reviewed

How to manage your alcohol instead of alcohol managing you

Secret To Drink Less Alcohol Without Quitting Revealed – How to Reduce Alcohol Consumption In Only 7 Days And Improve Sleep, Mental Clarity, Weight Loss, Self-Esteem, Emotional Resilience & More!

 May 15, 2020 | Jackson Croft

When you come across a new way to make positive changes, it is hard not to share it with others.

This Mind Makeover is easy, fast and effective and will help you reduce your alcohol intake in only 7 days, WITHOUT having to quit all together.

This proven online system has already helped 200,000 people reduce their drinking and celebrating freedom from the shackles of alcohol whilst improving relationships, mental & physical health

Finally a way to enjoy a drink in a healthier way. STOP for a moment and think about how this might be possible….

It was after our second ‘lock down’ that I realised I hadn’t had an alcohol free day in over 6 months. I wanted to be able to not drink during the week but just couldn’t find the willpower. Every Monday morning I made the decision to not drink that week and by 5pm I was craving my glass of wine to wind down from the day and give my brain a rest from the worry and chaos. 

‘Was I becoming an alcoholic’ I wondered? So whilst researching ‘what makes you an alcoholic’ I came across this program that claimed to help you ‘reduce your drinking in just 7-days’. ‘Perfect’ I thought, ‘that is just what I need’. My fear had been that, in order to get out of my alcohol habit I would have to quit drinking completely (according to numerous articles I came across). I didn’t want to quit…. I liked my glass of wine whilst out with friends or over dinner with my partner, I just didn’t want to feel out of control with my drinking. 

So maybe you are finding it hard to control your alcohol intake.

Maybe you are noticing that extra tyre around your middle is starting to get uncomfortable, which you know is directly related to the excessive drinking.

Maybe it's the fear that, like me, you have become alcohol reliant or in other words… 

The 'alcohol is managing you, rather than you are managing it! 

Maybe you have been told that you need to drink less by your spouse sibling or, even worse, one of your children! 

Maybe you thought that alcohol is the only way to escape the pressures of life, the only way to find a moment of calm in your mind and not live in constant fear of what our rapidly changing world is going to present us with next.

Maybe you thought the only way to change was to quit completely either through shear willpower or a 12-step program or therapy.

I'm guessing you've tried to drink less before without success, and that's why you're reading this now. Or, maybe, you had some success, but eventually, you wound up going back to your old ways, and you feel awful about it?

If YOU know you need to cut back and still want to ENJOY a drink or two now and again, this is the PERFECT SOLUTION for you... NO confronting therapy required

Traditional methods, like years of therapy, don’t really work. In fact, ironically, it can make people drink more.

Most people who worry about their drinking don’t feel understood and this makes them worry even more!

12 Step Programs can work if you feel you absolutely need to stop drinking.

But what if you don’t want to STOP? What do you do then?

Now, if you are anything like me and YOU like your wine or beer as I do….

If you want to restore your happiness without stripping you of your social life…

If you want to regulate your drinking from your subconscious guidance rather than your conscious actions...

If YOU know you need to cut back and still want to ENJOY a drink or two now and again, this is the PERFECT SOLUTION for you.

How does it work?

Your mind is programmed to avoid pain and seek pleasure and thus triggering you to seek out the things it believes brings you pleasure. If you associate drinking alcohol with relaxing, unwinding, having a good time, being sociable having fun and feeling more confident, then anytime you want to feel those things, guess what you reach for...? Alcohol.
Often willpower alone is not powerful enough to change behaviors long term, but what if there was a way to channel the amazing power of your mind to be in control of alcohol rather than it controlling you?!

What if there was a unique, easy to acquire technique to create such strong imprints, that you are able to reprogram your own mind to be a selective drinker and to not miss alcohol even if the people around you drink in your presence?

What if you could, just like a computer, instal new mind ‘software’ to create the best version of you?

And what if this could happen without you having to constantly make conscious decisions based upon willpower?

Imagine your life more energised and inspired whilst still enjoying a social life

The Results:

This proven method has a 97% success rate and the approval from thousands of doctors, scientists, and health professionals and no need for expensive therapist fees.

It focuses on alcohol reduction (without a dreadful process) and helps to develop powerful techniques so you can still enjoy a social drink and live a healthier, happier, and calmer life where YOU are in control.

What Does That Mean?

It means that there is a better life waiting for you.
Imagine seeing your life after 7 Days To Drink Less with results like these:
  • Enjoying drinking slowly and really tasting what you drink rather than gulping it down
  • Improved stress management tools without a glass of alcohol in your hand
  • Better quality sleep while drinking less
  • Having sober sex and enjoying it
  • ​Losing weight without thinking about it just by simply drinking less alcohol
  • Healthier, sober communication, so you don’t need to drink to have certain conversations
  • Improved clarity and better sober problem solving
  • ​Naturally drinking less than the people around you
  • ​The relief to know you don’t need to hide your drinking from others or lie about it
  • ​Being around The Alcohol Police and no longer being judged by them anymore

Who Is It For?

Whether you're male or female, younger or older, and no matter what your drinking history is like! 

Today is the day - you have the POWER to change your life.

No endless hours of therapy or embarrassing group meetings!... In just 25 minutes you'll be on your way to drinking less. Simply put, if you have a history of drinking too much, you can put those days behind you.
Scientists are excited about this simple 'mind-hack' to easily reduce drinking
This program is like no other you will have come across before and is backed up by the neuroscientists of this world. The unique approach uses a combination of very specific hypnotic techniques along with a powerful psychology that will shift your thinking away from unhelpful drinking, and into a state of trust about your ability to drink in a slower and calmer way. This is a one-of-a-kind approach.

Is It Difficult?

Can you IMAGINE being able to stop worrying about HOW MUCH you drink? 

The best thing about this program is that you will learn how to STOP worrying about drinking less and just do it, easily and effectively. As a matter of fact, it will show you in the first 25 minutes, HOW to drink less alcohol!

This is the world’s first ‘Drink Less’ Program, celebrated the world over for it’s 97% success rate! 

But don’t take my word for it… see what others have to say about the program:

‘With a program to stick to, it’s not as hard as I imagined…. I have just had five small glasses of wine in the past 10 days – a huge improvement…’

'This program is quite a strange experience to start with, but then I've never done something like this before. Just relax and don't question it. At first I was disappointed because I thought it wasn't working. Then suddenly, this odd thing happened... I haven't wanted to have a drink at all! It's not like the idea turns me off, but before I would think about a big glass of wine and it would only be a matter of time before I had got my hands on one (then two, then three). Those cravings practically VANISHED! It's such a RELIEF! I will definitely want to have wine in my future, but it's nice to think that I call the shots from now on, instead of the other way round. Try it, and stick at it… you’ll be AMAZED.’

‘I feel stronger and more accepting of my own current situation, so there was less of an internal struggle and less of a void to fill with drink. Alcohol is becoming a treat not a habit.’
- Rebecca Smith,
Psychologies Magazine

‘My skin was clearer and I slept better… By the end of the week, my usual total of 40 units is down to a more modest (for me) 21. Thanks to hypnotherapy… And the brilliant thing? I haven’t had to give up drinking completely.’
- Liz Hoggard,
Featured in The Daily Mail

'I don’t know if it’s because I have more energy and I am more active, but I’ve lost 7 pounds! People keep saying how well I look. Yesterday, someone asked me if I’d had a facelift. I thought I needed alcohol to relax, to make life more interesting, to make me more interesting. It’s just not true.’
The Independent Newspaper

The majority of people report restored balance and harmony in all areas of their lives following this program
'Let’s be honest: nobody wants to live in a non-alcohol world. But it’s about you managing your alcohol, as opposed letting it manage you. It’s about not using drink as escapism from day-to-day problems.'
'In the day following I leave two (boozy) dinner parties sober, having had less than a couple of glasses of wine without giving it much thought. I feel stronger, partly due to a new awareness of my personal triggers.'

My Verdict:

7 Days to Drink Less is the world’s only program designed to help people reduce their drinking. I love that it has a 97% success rate and that the process is affordable and easy by focusing on the mental and emotional causes, many of which you’ll be surprised to learn you have. You only need 7 days to become calmer, healthier and happier, and you even get two months to try it out.

So if the idea of confronting therapy or thinking in order to change you'd have to quit drinking completely have stopped you from changing your alcohol habits to date then this is a great option for you. Not only do you not have to drag up issues from the past, the program helps you on a subconscious level so you won't have the internal mind struggle or will power issues to deal with either. And... you can still have a drink when you choose to enjoy one.

If however you are not prepared to take a few minutes a day in the comfort of your own home to dedicate to this then this is not really the solution for you.

Take A Peak At What You'll Discover:

  • Powerful neuroplasticity techniques that change your emotional relationship with alcohol
  • ​Unique psychology training called Inner Dialogue
  • ​It’s private and can be used in the quiet of your home
  • ​No expensive therapy sessions
  • ​No explaining to other people you are seeing a therapist about your alcohol issues.

It doesn’t matter what your history of drinking is nor how much therapy you have had or think you need.  

Transform your life by learning to drink less alcohol now!


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